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~~ We care, we act ~~


Assalamualaikum wbt,

On behalf of Malaysian Society NUIGalway, I would like to promote Free Palestine Fund Raising Campaign.

This is a continous project (Jan 2009- June 2010) and only need you to donate 1% of your monthly scholarship money. 1% definitely only a simple meal you enjoy at Banna Thai for once..or 2 lunch meals at CUH/Bons Secour Cafe..Or maybe your expenses on new coat/top/accessories.

Ideally, you only have to fast or tie your Nafs for only 1 day per month. Your Euro10 brings a very,very huge meaning to the people in Palestine. If you constantly donate Euro10 for 6months (or longer than that, depends on your choice), there would be a constant amount of money that is available to be donated to the Palestinian.

So, what do you wait for any longer? They in Palestine need our help and 'ihsan'..and that is our responsibility as a human and a Muslim brother/sister to help their need.

Set up a new standing order may do it online (Everything is easy nowadays :D)..

  • Bank: Bank of Ireland
  • Account Name: Malaysian Society Charity
  • NSC: 90-40-18
  • BIC: 15285897
  • Branch Contact: 19951228

The duration for the standing order can be 6 months (Jan 09-June 09) OR 12 months (Jan 09- Dec 09) OR 18 months (Jan 09 - June 10)- Its all depends on you!

I wish you may join us in this campaign to ease the Palestinians burden and suffering (although materials are not the main need of theirs) - But, at least we do something to help them. And do spread on your friends and colleagues.

Millions of thanks in advance~~


We care, we act.


redhuans said...

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Shame on You, Yahudi Laknatullah!!!

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